About Pelican

We help business to reshape through science,advanced data tools and uncomplicate decision making, so human intelligence can be freed from the grind of monotonous work and committed to the pursuit of imagination and creative rewards.

We develop and implement technology solutions to improve our customers’ productivity and efficiency, primarily in Analytics, Data Management, AI/ML,Mobility, and Cloud areas.

Core Competencies: 

IT Solution Consulting, Data and Analytics solutions,SaaS solutions, IoT solutions, Mobile applications and Advanced analytics 

Engineering services in Automotive,Banking and Aerospace

Specialized expertise in Automotive Telematics and Infotainment domain

Core Values

Experience has only confirmed what we already knew: that the key to increasing the chances of success on products is to look after our clients and get the most out of people, processes, and products.

Client First

Keep client at the center of every thing we do


Learn and Grow people who know the product and can work in the process. 

Innovate Now

Think innovatively,fail fast and challenge the status quo

Be Inclusive

Diverse, inclusive teams will spur innovation, strengthen our business and challenge us to be better every day